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XTrack is a robust and intuitive application for managing roll-level paper inventory, paper performance, inventory cost and waste. XTrack may be used as a single-site application or deployed across multiple print facilities.

Inventory Management

XTrack minimizes data entry by leveraging industry standard ANSI-X12 and XML electronic documents and optional handheld barcode scanners. Using the power of SQL Server to deliver information to your fingertips, XTrack strikes a balance between usability and validation to maintain the integrity of your data.

Complete life history of each roll

Order. Delivery. Usage. Waste. Paper Peformance. Damage. Roll Combination. Pricing. XTrack supports the movement of newsprint inventory from order to complete roll usage and maintains an audit trail of every transaction.

Control waste

XTrack automatically calculates waste on every press run without additional data entry. Waste can then be classified using industry-standard categories, allowing your company to evaluate variations internally and providing a means for accurate comparison between print facilities.

Scalability and Integration

XTrack was designed to support enterprise capability and ease of management. XTrack is ready to run as a single installation for one user or alongside corporate systems with hundreds of concurrent users accessing from multiple locations. Integrate the application with your press system or AGV to automatically update XTrack with production and inventory relocation details.

Partner XTrack with P-SAS

XTrack and P-SAS work together to complete the procurement, inventory management and payment cycle with minimal resources. Together, they provide a top-down view of printing operations at all locations supported by summarized corporate reporting.

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