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PAPEX Shared Application Services (P-SAS) provides corporate procurement groups with a powerful tool to manage the newsprint purchases for one or many print facilities against multiple supplier contracts. Suppliers also have access to sales orders, shipments and paper performance data for all of their customers in one location. The financial modules have proven to be invaluable for all partners.

Centralized purchasing cycle

As trading partners, buyers and suppliers of newsprint use the same information – contracts, orders, deliveries, paper performance, pricing and payments – for both strategic decisions and daily transactions. P-SAS is designed to optimize centralized access to this data, reducing duplicate processing and simplifying reconciliation.

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Powerful reporting in seconds

P-SAS is scalable to effectively manage newsprint purchases and inventory for one, fifty, a hundred or more business units under one corporate account. Immediate consolidated reporting provides valuable analysis of order and delivery status, inventory levels and paper performance. Timely financial reports support efficient month-end processes and accurate financial audits.


P-SAS security is a partnership. DSS is vigilant about keeping your data safe and secure while you have full control over granting authorized access to your corporate account. Your confidential transactions are protected by a company with operational integrity at its core.

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