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A B2B service, the PAPEX Document Exchange Service (P-DES) translates electronic documents to meet each receiver’s specifications and delivers them using a variety of communication protocols.


Providing electronic documents can be a challenge when each of your customers may have unique file requirements. DSS distributes electronic documents on your behalf and manages routing configurations to ensure the right documents are delivered to the right recipient at the right time.

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Translation and Distribution

DSS clients rely on our knowledge of EDI standards to translate incoming documents into the format required by each of their trading partners (ANSI-X12, XML, CSV, EMBARC, flat file). P-DES includes customized mapping, unit conversion and configuration to meet your customers’ specifications and distributes translated documents by a variety of communication protocols.

Service and Support

DSS monitors incoming files for errors or incomplete data that may impact EDI translation and distribution. As your customers’ file requirements change, we work with them to ensure their translation specifications and document delivery methods are always current.

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